Empower Your Business Through Expert Tax Preparation

Business Preparation

We want our business owners no matter what size to understand how to read their tax returns. For example, we teach the important terminology that lenders use to make sure that you get the best loan options when seeking funding.

McCallson Tax & Accounting loves serving entrepreneurs and small business owners in Utah by understanding their taxes. McCallson Tax & Account believes entrepreneurs and small businesses are the unsung heroes of our economy and we want to do all we can to help them be successful.

McCallson Tax & Accounting encourage all our clients to find their passion and to make it profitable without worrying about their taxes. Through continuing education we know how to implement, and follow, the best tax practices to ensure that you are making the best decisions for your business.

We help answer questions

We help answer questions, like the difference between an LLC and an S-Corp. Small businesses are usually LLCs for legal protection, and the designation of S-Corp is how the business is being taxed. In our world, we refer to it as an S-Corp since we are talking about the taxation method.

This is often confusing for new business owners. But with a little education, the confusion can be cleared up. We make it our mission to educate our clients. 

So why not come in for a three-year free consultation? We’ll even give you a discount when we prepare both your business and personal tax returns. Our fees will never exceed the amount you stand to gain for refiling your returns.